March 24, 2011

Sigma Sigma

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I hereby decree…

Stop using sigmas as Es!

How often do we see this shit?


Oh, isn’t that clever? Instead of the letter E they use a sigma (Σ) which totally looks like an E and is totally Greek! LOLOLOL

Just one problem. The Greek letter sigma is not an E. It’s an S. So what is spelled up there is basically “Grssk”.

But hey, I can see your predicament. You want to pretend you’re all smart and making something look Greek in a very half-alpha-sigma-sigma’d way and it’s not like the Greek equivalent to the letter E looks all that much like the Roman E…

Oh wait, this is an epsilon: Ε


But is that too identical to an E for you? Here’s a lowercase epsilon: ε

And here’s what you were trying to spell: Grεεk

True, by Greek phonetics and whatnot that still isn’t technically correct but at the very least you’re matching up the correct letters!

And speaking of Greek letter gripes, can people quit using a lowercase U when writing the metric denomination “micro”? For example, when they say 1ug (1 microgram)? It’s not a U. It’s supposed to be 1µg. That’s not a lowercase U. That’s a lowercase mu.

Seriously, I told this to this cow I’m friends with for some reason, and she agrees.

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