December 31, 2010

WTF 2010

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And here we are. New Year’s Eve 2010, looking ahead to the still uncertain 2011. Though more on 2011 a year from now once it has actually occurred. Right now, let’s have a look back at 2010. It’s a year that from the get-go seemed rather, well, odd. Now through it, well, it was odd, certainly annoying much of the time, and certainly without a lot of the awesome encounters previous years had. Though with two heart-breaking losses. In any case, now for the recap!

January: Check Engine

-I think I’ll make guacamole
-Wow, this guacamole is fucking gross. Ack! Is this earwax?!
-Oh, I got the wrong kind of avocados. Okay.
-I need to get NYRA’s blog restarted.
-Ugh, NYRA online community is pissing me off, seriously.
-I’ll try this guacamole again, with the right avocados this time…
-WTF?! Why is my check engine light on?
-Oh, I left the gas cap loose. Lulz
-I think I’ve got an idea for a hashtag Twitter campaign for NYRA.
-Still awkward and uncomfortable? Well, fuck you too then!

Feburary: Whatever

-Wow, we have a lot of snow coming!
-Fuuuuuck, it knocked out our electricity!
-Now we’re freezing.
-I hope it comes back on soon so I don’t miss the Superbowl!
-Came back on Sunday morning after 30 hours. Yay!
-Good thing Giant is within walking distance so I could get some game food! 🙂
-Except the blizzard killed one of my fish. Because no heat in the house meant the tank got too cold. Fail.
-Ha! Saints win it!
-Another blizzard only three days later!
-Please, electricity, stay on!
-Oh, good, it did.
-Alright, NYRAnians, I has an idea. On the 16th, let’s tweet a lot about the voting age with the hashtag #16tovote. We’ll do it every month…
-Oh, wow, this #16tovote on the 16th thing has really taken off!
-You know what? Fuck the forums. I’m shutting them down.
-Forums users: Noooooo!
-Relax. Not gonna. Just want to see some changes.
-Yay, Winter Olympics!
-For Lent this year, I think I’ll… read!
-Oh, my Facebook postings offend you? Oh em gee. Oh, look, I don’t care.

March: Pelicans

-Ugh, an ageist ad. Alright, who’s the culprit?
-Hyundai?! FUUUUUUUU
-I feel like learning Spanish.
-Second #16tovote on the 16th… holy shit, lots of participation! 🙂
-Gah, NYRA board having a hell of a time getting meeting scheduled!
-Yay, invited to friend’s birthday party!

April: The Trouble with Trills

-Lovely Easter morning WES platform.
-Now another lovely Easter afternoon at Brookside. I think this is what heaven is like.
-And… bunny cake!
-Except now I’ve got a nasty cold. Ugh.
-National Youth Rights Day!
-At a 21+ location for some reason. 🙄
-Been watching Destinos to get better at Spanish!
-This double R sound is annoying.
-Yay, Weezer concert!
-They again did not play Keep Fishin’. Gaaahhh!

May: Bury the Hatchet

-Into DC late at night to pick up Lindsay to take her to Hal’s!
-Ten days later, to Hal’s to pick up Lindsay really early in morning to take her to BWI!
-Yay, DC101 chili cookoff.
-Despite Metro fail.
-Hey, I found a camera.
-Ah, here comes camera’s owner. He’s sure glad I found it for him. He gave me $20. Hehe.
-Yay, Stone Temple Pilots!
-Haha, I’m the idiot who brought an umbrella to a concert, yet I’m the only one not getting rained on.
-I need a new algae eater.
-Hey, that hatchet fish in that tank is dead.
-Time for letter writing campaigns against ageist advertising of Allstate and Hyundai!

June: Bacitracin

-Gahh, the AC is broken. And AC is in my room so have repair guys traipsing through. -_-
-Spent weeks at work trying to order some stuff from a very unresponsive vendor.
-Wow, my anti-Father’s Day ranting sure pissed people off.
-I think I’d like my email account back. Been two years. So proposed at board meeting.
-Alex and Stefan refused.
-But rest of board said okay. Yay!
-Hey, this guy has come to run NYRA-DC.
-Uh oh. Supervisor is having diabetic attack! Ambulance had to come.

July: Quality of Life

-Some idiot started a fire in the parking lot garden mulch with a cigarette! Had to put it out.
-Damn it, Toy Story 3! *cries*
-Awesome! Lots of fireworks displays visible from soccer field by my house!
-So I can’t order that stuff from work after all after weeks of delays. Grrr.
-AC is broken again! Repair guys traipsing through my room AGAIN!
-There was an earthquake?
-What do you mean Nigel still can’t move?!
-But… he has to…
-I don’t want to say goodbye.
-We’re off to the vet. It’s time to say goodbye. 🙁
-Fuck you, 2010, seriously!
-WTF?! Big severe storm knocked out electricity!
-Another 30 hour outage!
-I hate you, Pepco!
-This new NYRA-DC is rather chaotic. This guy is a bit crazy.

August: Marvin

-Will the new bumper stickers I ordered arrive in time for the annual meeting?
-They did!
-Time to buy lots of food…
-NYRA Annual Meeting!!!!
-I’m live tweeting!
-Zac got the live Ustream set up! Win!
-Oh, no! Stefan wasn’t reelected. 🙁
-A-ha moment videos!
-The fucking AC is broken again! :irked:
-Well, at least he found the issue this time.
-STFU, smoke detector! I know you need a new battery but idiots who built the house put you way high up on the wall!
-Hal and I totally promoted NYRA at some Al Sharpton rally!
-Man, they’re taking forever to finish car maintenance.

September: Holding

-What the shit?! A Mosquito device in DC!
-Alright, this guy is batshit. GTFO my NYRA!
-Middle Eastern Bazaar! Yummy!
-Okay, Redskins, beat Dallas…
-Nooo, you let them get a touchdown at the last minute to get ahead!
-Wait, no, touchdown was nullified because they got called for holding. Redskins win!
-Think I’ll try to make #16tovote on the 16th bigger. Maybe a blog entry and a chat.
-Eh, those didn’t work out too well. Maybe just stick to tweeting.
-Hmmm, Teta isn’t doing so well. Having heart troubles.
-Now she’s really not doing so well…
-And now she’s gone.
-Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, that was my last grandparent!
-First my dog and now this?!

October: All Night Long

-Why the hell is my car alarm going off for no reason?
-Now I’m up all night with it!
-Okay, I’ve maybe fixed it?
-#16tovote on the 16th – Saturday Edition!
-Continuing with visiting state capitals, think I’ll go to Dover, DE.
-Why? Why the hell did I go to Dover, DE? *facepalm*
-Rally to Restore Sanity! Yay!
-Aww, Hal said my holiday card design was “too Christian”. But I like the holly!
-It’s okay. There’s a nice snowflake one I can use.
-Did the Redskins really just lose to the fucking Lions again?!
-Halloween! I had JUST enough candy!

November: Hummus and Tortilla Chips

-Time for NYRA’s Supreme Court RALLY!
-Holy crap, Usiel made an awesome speech!
-What… did my stupid web host screw up some maintenance and kill all site changes and info since August?!
-Well, seems they fixed it after a bit, but wow. Bad.
-Dave’s having a Face-Punch party! He got punched in the face, got compensation money, so he threw a party.
-Holiday cards arrived!
-Got stupid car alarm fixed. For free, too!
-Thanksgiving at aunt’s house, lots of food and people!
-Put Christmas lights on my window!

December: The One You Feed

-Time to send holiday cards!
-Oh, Jeff has gotten himself into a contest where he could win $5,000 with enough votes. Like Chase.
-Sent 570 holiday cards! Wow!
-Hey, neighbor company at work is having a little holiday gathering.
-Yay! WES Winter Festival! Cookies! Peace Spiral! Dona Nobis Pacem!
-I bought myself a keyboard!
-Now I’m getting a cold. Lovely.
-Holiday lunch with coworkers! Last workday before Christmas.
-Ack! Christmas shopping is hard with a runny nose!
-Christmas Eve… a magical night…
-And a lovely Christmas Day with morning flurries.
-Uneventful last week of work.
-Ugh, we’ve got to win this stupid contest somehow, got to bug lots of people for votes.
-Had to forego New Year’s Eve skiing for the stupid contest.
-Wow… the club house is still there. Look how big the trees are now!
-And once again, I’ve posted a Sure, Why Not? entry each day in December!

Yeah, make no mistake. This year was disappointing. I was expecting a WTF year, but in a cool way. Instead, I traveled nowhere, lost my dog and my grandmother, and a lot of other things did not happen. Feels like the year went along, I’m one year older than I was when I wrote the 2009 recap, yet don’t have much more to show for it. Well, here comes 2011. Need to do better. There are only so many of these years we get.

*looks up at Times Square 2011 sign, awaiting illumination*

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