December 26, 2010

The Choice Is Clear

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Now for a gestational, abortive edition of…


Let’s say you hear a news story, something like this: A man beats his pregnant girlfriend to death because she did not want to have an abortion. Or the perpetrator may not be a boyfriend but a husband or one of her parents or whoever. May not have beaten her to death but raped her or injured her severely in some other way.

And who should shut the hell up? These fucking idiot prolifers who point to this horrible shit and say “see! see! pro-choice people commit violence, too!” Often times the headlines of these articles will identify the assailant as pro-choice or pro-abortion (which a lot of idiots think is just another word for pro-choice, which is bullshit, but more on that in a sec).


Let’s review some definitions, shall we? Pro-choice means being in favor of having a choice. Imagine that! Choice in the pregnancy options context means it is the sole decision of the one who’s pregnant what becomes of that pregnancy, whether terminating or carrying to term. And that BOTH choices are equally valid! So that if one does not support the pregnant one having the choice for EITHER ONE of those options, no matter which one, then that person is anti-choice.

Therefore, the idiots saying you should not have the option of carrying to term are JUST AS anti-choice as those who say you should not have the option of abortion. Pro-choice and pro-abortion are not the same thing, just as pro-life and anti-choice are not the same thing.

So, no, the above scenario is NOT a matter of pro-choice attacking pro-life. If anything, it’s anti-choice attacking pro-choice.

Or, to drop the useless abortion controversy weight, it’s some asshole injuring or killing a pregnant woman. It’s pretty horrible regardless of motivation.

(Psst… note the date and time this is posted and the subject matter, see what I did there? 😛 )

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