August 31, 2010

1000th Day of Summer

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That’s right. The calendar says today is August 31, which means it is at last…


So my friends, another hot sunny summer has gone by, yet another round of the infamous 100 Days of Summer, the tenth round in fact! Which means next year’s eleventh round, each day is the tenth anniversary of the days of the original! These days have a way of being crazy, mysterious, wonderful, and terrible. And today we celebrate completing another hundred of them! So let’s review!

Day 1, okay, got a new algae eater yesterday, a gold one. I’ll call him Aurelius!

Day 3, as usual, NYRA board is being annoyingly quiet about important stuff. Do I really want yet another year of this frustration and silence?

Day 7, we can’t let Hyundai and Allstate get away with running ageist ads, at least not without complaints! Get them! Also, saw Soul Asylum!

Day 8, okay, fine, I’ll run for another year on the damn board.

Day 9, wait, crap, I think our AC is broken.

Day 10, yeah, I’d say so. Outside unit isn’t even running!

August 30, 2010

Been Ten Years

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Ten whole years have gone by.

Since this happened…

August 30, 2000 – 6:30pm

I was just outside the cafeteria, watching people go in and out. All of a sudden, I saw him. He looked about my age, a few inches taller. He had short dark brown hair and wore glasses. There was something about him. He stood with a woman I assumed was his mother. Then a grey-haired man came up, his father apparently. I could not stop staring at him. After a while, he and his father left, and the mother sat on a chair beside the cafeteria entrance, waiting for them to return.

I stood around her, still trying to figure out what had happened. Who was he? Why was I now feeling so weird? After a while, the guy and his father came back. Another guy came up and talked to them; he looked about my age, too. But he went away, and the first guy and his parents went into the cafeteria.

I didn’t want to lose sight of them. Remembering there was a second floor balcony in the rotunda that overlooked part of the cafeteria, I raced up the nearby stairway and down a corridor to the circular railing. After a few minutes, the three came out and sat at a table. The guy was eating pasta with marinara, some bread, and a banana. I paced around the balcony, my eyes fixated on them the whole time. Luckily, they didn’t notice me. Not then, at least.


August 21, 2010

Libraries Are Silly

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Remember almost two months ago when I mentioned that libraries around here have weird hours? How they close too early to be convenient on most days and have too short or no hours on weekends?

Well, soon after I wrote that, when visiting the local library on a Saturday, I saw a sign taped to the window saying that starting July 6, they’d be open an extra hour on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, closing at 6pm rather than 5pm. Still closed Sunday, though. I stared at this sign, recalling before when I tried to come right after 5pm one Friday to find it closed. Did I do that? I only said anything on here. Hadn’t said anything to them.

And then I went there again today to read some more of Twilight (you heard me) to find another taped up sign. Saying that as of August 15, the library would be open on Sundays year-round.

My friends…

I am powerful. Make a note of it. :D

This has been Day 90 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 10.

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