December 31, 2009

LOL 2009

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The year that began as elusive is now known and past, with of course the expected lulz. So, just like last year, here’s some random highlights by month. Enjoy!

January: Fort Belvoir

-Me to fye: You can’t ban unaccompanied under-15s from the store.
-Cedric?! Why… why aren’t you moving? And lying on the bottom of the tank…? 🙁
-LOL my boss set the dumpster on fire with his cigarette
-Holy shit, it’s Vicky!
-The Youngest Candidate viewing at GWU = win!
-Whoa! Slumdog Millionaire is… whoa!
-Vicky, Alexandria is a big place. Where exactly do you need to go?
-Okay, it’s “Fort Belvoir” not “Fort Belvick”. And Fort Belvoir is not in Alexandria.
-Obama! Obama! Obama!
-Screw work, let’s all just watch the inauguration.
-Uh, oh, acetonitrile shortage! If we run out, we’re screwed!
-ZOMG! Case Closed on Funimation channel!!!
-Yeah, great, ski lift, try to rip my arm off!

February: Cookies ‘n’ Cream

-I need to right a two-year-old wrong…
-I just can’t come away from Alex’s Superbowl party without a new meme!
-#24: Mr. Brightside!!!
-For my polyamorist friends.
-With some Cool Whip for the cookies.
-I want marzipan!
-Maybe this year for Lent, instead of giving something up, I’ll commit to doing something inspiring or worthwhile.
-Wow, the county sure has a lot of parks!
-Good, I have lots of choices for Lent walks.
-I’ll start with Lake Needwood.
-OMG! We got more acetonitrile! We’re saved!!!
-Yay, Baltimore Aquarium! And adorable stuffed seal!

March: Pane

-Brookside Gardens in ice: winter wonderland!
-Moar marzipan!
-Following wintry icy weekend is a 70 degree weekend.
-Smithsonian Museum of Natural History = epic win
-Bah! Closed right as I was entering room with rocks.
-Smithsonian National Gallery of Art = epic win
-Whoa, winding maze of identical Renaissance paintings is winding!
-These painters seemed to really enjoy painting naked children. :scared:
-So us board members are supposed to pool our money for Facebook ads done by Alex and Jason, who seem to not know a damn thing about running ads? Hell no.
-Meadowside: OMG! It’s a tree that is four trees!
-Smithsonian Museum of American History: LOL there’s an exhibit for the Pill! Win!
-Natural History Museum giant amethysts demand a lower drinking age!
-Seneca Greenway: Uh, this big dog seems to be following me… is now racing toward me… and the second he got to me, turned around and ran the other direction! Whoa!
-Cross has had its run. Think I want something else around my neck.
-Perfect! A little fluorite kitty from the Natural History Museum, with a little smile as if to say “Yes, I just stole a fish off your plate, what of it?”
-Okay, Jason, enough badgering, I’ll get on Twitter.
-I wonder if Alex and/or Jason are ever planning on saying what became of those Facebook ads we pooled money for… or if any board members will say anything at all for that matter.
-I’m thinking Secular Humanism is more up my alley.
-Mmmm, seafood buffet at Phillips Flagship

April: Hit It with a Big Rock

-Annoying silent board needs to look at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel-Air!
-A conspicuously absent from my Lenten activities God is tired of me ignoring him and finally reveals the meaning of life during my walk at Blue Mash.
-Holy week walks seem to agree.
-Eh, I’m not going to church on Easter Sunday. I think a blooming spring time visit to Brookside Gardens will represent the day much better!
-Doesn’t it make more sense and perhaps one truly more godly to enjoy the pleasurable fruits of life instead of inflicting shame about them?
-Drastically lower donations = NYRA doesn’t have long to live? 🙁

May: In Vain

-Ugh, why is my birthday Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day?
-Yay, my birthday is a day for wishing I, having been born to a 19-year-old mother, did not exist!
-Alright, I’m 26, why the hell haven’t I been to Europe yet?
-Paris looks nice! Not sure my French is good enough for the language barrier.
-Okay, I’ll do London then. London looks nice too!
-I’d better get a passport at some point.
-Game Day: WTF?! They hit their son?!
-Not sure I can go back.
-Justin proposes NYRA take position against corporal punishment in school, but fails because Alex abstains and too many others are absent.
-Canoeing: LOL, some other people capsized.
-Gettysburg: Historically relevant rocks are historically relevant!
-Mmmm, yummy delicious dumplings.

June: Woyaya

-Youth Blog Tuesday!
-Smile! It’s a passport photo!
-WTF?! A tiny bunny keeps jumping at my sliding glass door and bumping his little head!
-Think I’ll visit the Washington Ethical Society… neat!
-Justin proposes corporal punishment amendment again: Alex still abstains like a douche, and we wait several hours for Chip to show up and vote, thus at long last approving it.
-Eric and Jacqueline? Fuck them. Let’s vote them out for attendance violation.
-Jeff and Steve >>>> Eric and Jacqueline
-I think I’ll go to WES again.
-Stefan: “We’ve decided to hire a development director. Need lots of money to do it but would save NYRA.”
-Okay, this WES thing seems to be shaking NYRA up!
-NYRA-SEFL vs. West Palm Beach: It’s ON!
-Savana Redding wins!!!
-ZOMG, Mission to Marzipan!!!

July: The Allergy Test

-Alex’s birthday present: A fuckload of donations for the new dev director.
-I got my passport! 😀
-Damn it, dentist, stop bugging me about the wisdom teeth!
-Mmmm, sushi with brown rice.
-Ow, that fucking dog bit me!
-w00t, Half Blood Prince
-Tubing on the river with WES… owww, sunburn!!!

August: Skeleton in the Closet

-ZOMG!!! Annual meeting!
-I have to feed everybody!
-LOL flip cams
-I has another summer cold!
-LOL I’m NYRA Secretary again.
-I… reserved it.
-Am I really seeing the Turtles live performing “Happy Together”? Why, yes I do believe that is what I’m seeing here.
-NYRA-DC revival!
-Yay, Collective Soul concert for the 4th time!
-And now the Killers!

September: Cockfosters

-Middle Eastern Bazaar is a veritable smorgasbord-orgasbord-orgasbord.
-Ugh, nasty NYRA chats are nasty
-OMG, almost time!
-I’m in the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere at the same time!!!
-Customs is rather painless actually.
-#25: Speed of Sound!!!
-No, Redskins, you’d better fucking NOT lose to the Lions!
-Okay, Redskins, you are so dead to me now. -_-
-Yet another concert: U2!!!
-Mom: “YOU WENT TO LONDON?! No, no, you did NOT go to London!”
-Me: “I totally went to London!”

October: The Alchemist

-To fix the nasty algae problem in my fish tank… got me a little algae eater named Stripe! 🙂
-Drinking age fails so let’s try student rights for the Giving Challenge.
-Alex: “Or, fuck you, I’m the executive director and I want to do drinking age, and if you complain, I’ll remove you from the board.”
-NYRA-DC meeting: Alex to Scott: “Why is Katrina not talking to me?”
-Invited to a play? Sure, okay.
-ZOMG! Cute trick-or-treaters!

November: Pure Potato Pleasure

-Heather: “Fuck the school adminstrators! I’m having a student party at my house anyway.”
-If the spotlight beam is within my reach, I’ll stick my hand into it for teh lulz.
-I don’t care if you are Don Henley, I’m still screwing with your spotlight beam!
-Met with awesome new NYRA dev director. Holy crap, our org has a future!
-Another meeting at Heather’s house. I brought pizza!
-Ordered NYRA holiday cards finally! Five hundred of them!
-Think I’ll stuff myself with Indian food day before Thanksgiving.
-Bad idea was bad. I threw up on myself in the car.
-After having it 11 months, finally started playing Kingdom Hearts.
-And don’t seem to be stopping any time soon!

December: 1000 #9 Envelopes

-I really need to start sending holiday cards.
-Ooh, we have to work on winning the Chase contest.
-Yet I’m more interested in Kingdom Hearts.
-Okay, put that way, send out first bunch of cards and wait for rest of addresses from board.
-Did I really just have to ship two empty boxes to Canada?
-Jeffrey Nadel = extremely awesome, since even with working very hard for us to win Chase contest, still found time to supply me with card recipients!
-Sent first 300 cards.
-Oh no! Out of envelopes!
-Send me more, printer! I’m missing 200.
-Okay, the email says they’re sending 500.
-Okay, I opened the box, and there’s actually 1000!
-Weezer got in car accident so I don’t get to see them as last concert of the year.
-It’s okay. That night I went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra instead!
-Alright, Chase contest is over. Now we wait…
-NYRA WON $25,000!!!
-Except they screwed over SSDP. Still, though…
-NYRA WON $25,000!!!
-Finishing off last bit of holiday cards.
-Done with holiday cards!
-Alex, you gave me addresses too late! Sorry!
-Holy shit, two feet of snow!
-I totally wrote another Christmas NYRA Tale.
-Yay, got Christmas Eve off!
-Christmas Day chat!
-Fucking hell, I forgot to pay my car insurance.
-Okay, seems even though it was late, they accepted it as if on time. Lucky?
-Finished Kingdom Hearts… WTF?
-Ah, Rule 34.
-I have an old story I have to restart.
-WTF? My coworker’s wife died?! 🙁
-Go for New Year’s Eve skiing again even though it’s raining?
-Yeah, I totally did.
-Got totally wet.
-And with 12 minutes to spare, recapped the year, making it yet another December in which I posted every day! 🙂

So farewell, 2009! You gave the lulz that was expected, and killed a fuckton of celebrities in the process. Best of all, you brought not just the lulz but potential for lulz to be created. Lulz and win we made ourselves!

Alright, 2010, I see you sitting up there in Times Square. On TV. Bring it on! 😀

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  1. I think you mean “you can’t ban unaccompanied under-15s from the store”.

    Comment by maxh — January 1, 2010 @ 12:21 am

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