September 25, 2009

Gate B38

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From a week ago until this past Wednesday, I was off on a bit of an adventure. Normally I might put it on Twitter or something, but in the absence of that, I had to do it the old fashioned way: pen and paper. Remember that primitive crap?! Anyway, enjoy!

(Times are local.)

September 18, 2009
-Arrived at Dulles parking lot: Nervous!
-Parked in Green lot, 9C, Shuttle stop #18

-Long security line was long!
-Also, I didn’t get a window seat: FAIL!
-Now at Gate B38 waiting to board. One hour to go.
-OMFG! There’s a place here called City Wok!

September 4, 2009

No Presidential Speeches for Students?

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So on September 8, President Barack Obama will being giving a speech aimed at students that schools are encouraged to show live in their classrooms. And, of course, conservatives are throwing a fit. Why? Because as responsible parents, they don’t think this is appropriate for their children to be viewing, that Obama is just trying to indoctrinate their children without their consent.

In fact, there’s even a poll on Facebook about it: “Should the United States President be allowed to do a nationwide address to our children at school, without prior parental consent?”


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