May 26, 2009

Utah to Jack Thompson: STFU

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I think I’ll join them in that…


Seriously, Jack Thompson, put a fucking sock in it already.

For anyone who needs the reminder, Jack Thompson is the disbarred (LOL) attorney who always has a bug up his ass about video games and anything else with content that he finds offensive. Not unlike the idiots in Wisconsin I talked about last week, he isn’t content just letting shit be and turning his attention to things that offend him less (as opposed to not offending him at all, in which case I’m not sure any such thing exists). No, no, he has to save the world from things that offend him. Is there a sizable number of people to whom these things are not offensive, perhaps enjoyable? Well, screw them, because it’s Jack’s feelings about it that matter, no one else’s.

If you need any more proof to his batshit insanity, even Utah is telling him to STFU. And because of that, he’s threatening to sue the State of Utah. Let’s see.

It has been more than a month since Gov. Jon Huntsman vetoed Jack Thompson’s video game bill, but the disbarred attorney continues to wage an e-mail war with various Utah government officials. In his latest and most bizarre salvo, Thompson has threatened to have the entire Utah legislature – all 104 House and Senate members – prosecuted by the F.B.I. for violating his civil rights.

If ignoring e-mails is grounds for a lawsuit, shit, all of my fellow NYRA board members are in deep trouble! But, seriously. Hey, Jack, are you really the one who should be whining about civil rights being violated? Or have I merely forgotten that you’re the only person who has any constitutional rights?

GamePolitics readers will recall that in April State Senate President Michael Waddoups asked Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff (another favorite target of Thompson’s vitriol) to look into prosecuting Thompson for alleged spam.


The Senate President was offended by an Easter morning e-mail from Thompson which included a screenshot of a pair of strippers giving GTA IV protagonist Nico Bellic a lap dance.

Sending “porn” (by your own definition) to someone on Easter morning, Jack? You’re a sick fuck!

Last week Thompson wrote to the F.B.I.’s Salt Lake City Field Office seeking the prosecution of Waddoups for supposedly infringing on his right to petition the government.

You are petitioning. They told you to STFU and quit harassing them. Maybe you should, you know, STFU and quit harassing them.

An e-mail circulated by Thompson on Sunday indicates that a second legislator, Rep. Curtis Oda, apparently took objection to the anti-game activist’s messages (we haven’t seen Oda’s e-mail to Thompson). Thompson responded with his threat to prosecute the Utah legislature:

Oh, nice, Jack. Harass the state legislature, and try to take THEM to court for whatever the hell you think they’re doing to harm you? Because they’re ignoring your whining to save those little 16-year-old children from viewing a pixelated lap dance?

Now let’s see Jack’s little threat:

If I get one more threat of criminal prosecution for sending you all proof, as I have, that pornographic video games are being sold to children in Utah because of the willful refusal of your Attorney General to enforce your state’s pornography laws, then I will add ALL of you to the sworn criminal complaint now in the hands of the FBI in Salt Lake City. You will be identified as co-conspirators to violate 18 USC 241 and 242…

Maybe the real problem here is that Utah, as a recent study proves, leads the nation in consumption of on-line porn. Maybe some among you are into this stuff, and you feel threatened…

I’m not going to put up with it. I’ve taken down some of the largest pornographers in the world. Taking down your legislature will be a piece of cake by comparison.

Utah only leads the nation in online porn viewing because it’s easily the most sexually repressed state in the union. So if Jack has his way on things throughout the whole country, everybody will be extra sexually repressed and will be doing “dirty” things like looking at porn online even more. In fact, most of the disgusting search phrases (pedophilia, bestiality, etc.) I find in my site logs are from very sexually repressed countries, so maybe if things got repressed even more here, we may not like what we find. You want that, Jack? Well, you don’t care, you were just having fun with a cute little empty threat, the likes of which would have made my middle school tormenters roll their eyes at you.

Oh, what about those poor little innocent children running out to buy “inappropriate” games? You just can’t have that, Jack, that people below the age of majority are viewing content that you find objectionable. It’s all about protecting the little children, right, Jack? Well, here’s a thought. While you’re bitching at Utah for its liberal distribution of sexy things for kids, have you noticed this is the same state that hosts several very abusive behavior modification facilities where teens are sent and are physically, verbally, and, yes, sexually abused? I mean, if saving kids’ purity and innocence is your goal, where’s your objection to things that, you know, actually harm them? Unless you think teens getting beaten and raped in a “treatment” facility is somehow less damaging to them than viewing a pixelated exotic dancer? Or, more likely, you don’t actually give a crap about kids but are using them to further your own agenda. Of course, how could I forget?

Also, let’s just point out here, Jack, that you were disbarred for being a gigantic douche. So I’m not sure how well you can prosecute anyone! Haha. But, goodness, you do try. Because choosing your own entertainment for yourself and letting others do the same is simply not an option. They all must pay dearly for not thinking like you!

And when Utah of all states, the most repressive crazy conservative state in the union, is telling you to STFU, maybe it’s time you took a look at yourself. Not that you would. Would waste valuable time that could be used for judging others and trying to oppress young people for not having entertainment tastes that align with your own. Because, as an adult, their minds belong to you.

This has been Day 3 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 9.

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  1. This is just terrible. Mr. Thompson is attempting to take over functions which are rightfully mine. 😉

    Comment by Spencer — September 12, 2011 @ 11:06 pm

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