March 20, 2009

Smack My Bishop

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Bishop Excommunicates Mother and Doctors of 9yo Girl’s Abortion


Basically, a 9-year-old girl in Brazil was raped by her stepfather, and she got pregnant with twins. Doctors determined she wouldn’t be able to survive the pregnancy so they had to terminate it to save her life. Even to prolifers like me, sounds reasonable. Rape and the mother’s life being on the line are generally the exceptions to the “abortion is wrong” idea, and this is clearly both. Unfortunate, yes, but obviously necessary, and honestly, there is just all around nothing whatsoever fortunate about this situation.

Then the Catholic Church decided to chime in. Brazilian Bishop heard about this little life-saving abortion and shat brix. He told the little girl’s mother and the doctors “GTFO my church!” and so they were excommunicated.

So basically, the people who were banned from Catholicism for being such abominable, unforgivable sinners are the doctors involved with this abortion, and the mother of the pregnant girl for consenting to the procedure being done on her daughter. Not the girl, because she’s nine, still a child, not yet confirmed, etc. Well, that’s good. But, wait, isn’t there someone else involved here? I mean, the poor girl got pregnant somehow…

Oh, yeah! The asshole rapist stepfather. Surely he too was excommunicated for having forcefully violated this girl, and in doing so left her in the life-threatening state that resulted in the now-damned doctors even having to extinguish the unborns in the first place. Right? RIGHT???

Um… no.

Well, surely this Brazilian bishop must be some crazy rogue. I mean, I know being anti-abortion is like the staple of being a Catholic, way above shit like feeding the hungry, spreading love, ending violence, and all that unimportant stuff, but certainly even the guys in the Vatican are saying “Bishop, you crazy!” Right? RIGHT???

Um… no.

Seems the guys in the Vatican are totally on board with this bishop’s choice of excommunication, not thinking he left anyone out of it or anything. I mean, why excommunicate a man for a little thing like rape of a child when the doctors who aborted the babies he forcefully impregnated her with committed MURDER? Oh noes! Horrible doctors, they should have done the honorable thing and just let the girl’s forced pregnancy kill her (AND the babies! they were dead either way!) because that’s what Jesus wants. 🙄

This has been said for like two thousand years but it bears repeating. These people are fucking nuts. They put their spurious ideas of holy purity, which doesn’t actually mean DICK in the real world, ahead of any real good or positive accomplishment.

For people who go on and on about how precious and wonderful life is, how it’s a wondrous gift from God or whatever, they sure do everything they can to ensure life is as LAME as possible! Pope John Paul II a couple years ago lamented all the abortions and whatnot as being part of some “culture of death”, which is cute considering devout Catholicism seems to require living in a culture of shame and misery! And for what?

I mean, I’ll give them some credit. They do very slowly come around on ridiculous things now and then. They’ve accepted evolution as at least being plausible (just need to get past that “plausible” and realize Genesis is just a STORY, that we have as much proof of Adam and Eve’s existence as we do of that of Bilbo Baggins, that proof of course being “I read it in a book, LOL!”). They’re easing up ever so slightly on their strictness about contraception, and I do mean slightly, considering their recent bullshit with “oh noes, don’t give out condoms in Africa to prevent AIDS, condoms are bad and evil and though we base this on absolutely nothing, they’ve been known to cause AIDS, eek!”

True, many, if not most, Catholics don’t actually give a shit what the “official” stance of the church is on a lot of things. They do use their own judgment more than most religious people are given credit for. Catholicism to them is more about identity than belief or adherence to what a guy in a tall funny hat says. They still eat meat on Lenten Fridays and have premarital sex with condoms and the pill and do a lot of other shit that’s technically forbidden. And many, hearing about this shit in Brazil and the “condoms cause AIDS!” thing, are just rolling their eyes like “ugh, STFU papaldouche!” A fact which, ironically, can restore one’s faith in God and humanity!

But as for the so-called Catholic authorities, and their sizable following who do actually believe their word is God’s, seriously, STFU papaldouche! If you’re going to be excommunicating people, especially so unevenly, they ought to wear that excommunication proudly. Who’d want to be in your crazy club after that anyway?

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  1. It’s about damn time. 🙂

    Seriously, I am stunned by this bishop’s willingness to, according to his own beliefs, condemn these people to an eternity of torment and agony for saving a girl’s life.

    Comment by Adamantaimai — March 21, 2009 @ 11:29 pm

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