October 23, 2008


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So I was reading the Economist today when I came across an article about how Obama’s campaign is kicking the living ass out of, well, everything, setting us up for anything from a landslide to another Dewey Defeats Truman. But that’s not what I mean to talk about here today. In the article, it begins describing the lopsided attention being given to the Republican and Democratic booths at some North Carolina fair. And then I saw this little gem.

[Some redneck]’s backing John McCain because the Arizona senator “thinks murdering little babies is not a good idea”.

Ah, we saw this four years ago. And eight years ago. And so on. Many Republicans’ persistent belief that if an anti-abortion president takes office, abortion will become illegal and never be done again. You know, I wonder what life is like to live in such a strong delusion, for these people seem to completely ignore that even though we’ve had anti-abortion president George W. Bush in office for the past eight years, abortion is still legal. I’ve got news for you. John McCain is not going to make abortion illegal. He and Sarah Palin may talk all the time about how bad it is, but the fact is, it won’t be made illegal even if they are elected. So you Republicans thinking the McCain-Palin team is going to be the saving grace of embryos and fetuses from women making an excruciatingly difficult decision, and you Democrats thinking the McCain-Palin team will take away a woman’s inalienable right to kill her unborn child, you’re living in a serious fantasy world.

October 21, 2008

No Solicitors

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Since I sit at the entrance where I work, I get a lot of these idiot solicitors coming by trying to sell crap. Oh, do we want a new IT company or copier or whatever the hell else? Well, gee, I didn’t think we did but now than a random person came by trying to sell these things I’m totally on board! Jackasses.

Having enough, after getting two of them just today, I went into trusty Word and typed up a little page and went downstairs to tape it on the front door.



Unless you have menus. Menus rule.

Unless you’re from that Manhattan place in Muddy Branch. You guys come by a lot. We have zillions of your menu. Maybe spread out a bit more. Or don’t print so many. Use the money to improve the food perhaps? Something to consider.

Me = win

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