February 11, 2008

The Toilet Seat Thing

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And now, for a relieving, bathroom edition of…


OMFG! Shut your goddamn traps already, men AND women, about the stupid toilet seat argument. Chicks complaining it gets left up. Guys complaining about the chicks complaining.

New guest rant over on SnipeMe just got me thinking about this. Why do so many people find this worth their time to worry about?

Want to know what it is? It’s no different from any other household issue where something is not closed after being used or otherwise returned to how it was before use. Like if someone left a cabinet open after getting a cup.

But, sure enough, this issue leaves the door open (LOL) for yet another mindnumbing male vs. female bitchfest, so sure enough, it becomes some gigantic war. Both sides trying to justify (very poorly) their side of it. I’ll solve it right now.

Guys, if the seat was already down when you got to the toilet, put it back down when you’re done with it. Simple rules to returning things to how they were before you used them, which applies to a zillion other things in life, such as the aforementioned cabinet.

Girls, quit trying to say shit like “I don’t see where I’m going when I’m going to use the toilet!” You make us all look bad. You’re not that stupid, I don’t think, and I sure as hell am not. You just don’t like seeing the seat up when you know it wasn’t left that way to begin with. Yet, because guys are stupid, you know explaining that simple little thing to them would be futile, as they would start grasping for straws to justify their actions, or lack of action. So you go acting stupid yourself by claiming you’re too dumb to see where you’re going when going to the bathroom at night. So guys can act like they’re so smart by pointing that out. Way to dignify your sisters there, you dumb ass.

Or better yet, could just drop the sexist bullshit entirely, and, like one would do with the cabinet that was so annoyingly left open, just shut it when you find it, and open it when you want to use it. Is that so hard, for either of you? Idiots.

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