February 9, 2008

Climbing the Ladder

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Being content is a social taboo.

Having a dead-end job is a fate worse than death. Having little to no interest in a big promotion or higher-end position is a sign of a mental problem. Having no real career plans means you’re doomed.

Wait. What?

I began thinking about this the other day when it occurred to me that I’m happy with my job right now. Yeah, I’m kind of on the lowest rung of the ladder in the company. I don’t do anything one might call exciting. I’m not making a huge amount of money. More money would be nice, sure, but I make enough right now.

But that goes against what we’re all taught. We must keep wanting to climb the ladder, to get the top of everything somehow. Must make a lot of money. Must be in charge. Why? Because we must satisfy our expensive needs. Must buy a huge house. Must have diamond jewelry. Must go on long expensive trips on the finest cruise lines and the most elite hotels to the farthest destinations. Must wear fancy clothes and shoes. Must fill that huge house with the finest furniture and dishes. Must buy the newest, hottest, priciest electronics.

Mike Males would be proud, as I’m describing here yet another social issue that is perpetuated by the Baby Boomers, who in turn blame my generation for it. This sense of entitlement to everything in life. Boomers want everything and think they deserve everything. They raised their kids that way, and now they blame their kids for feeling that way!

Not that the kids can even afford any of it. They’re still the lower rung employees, but they can’t be happy with it anyway, even if all their current needs are met, because they aren’t living properly. They aren’t living this high life that they’ve been taught all their lives they’re entitled to. Only ones who can afford it are the ones who have shit handed to them by their rich parents.

But I digress.

Trouble is, being content is getting to not be enough. Sometimes you have to still try to climb the ladder just to afford to live. We’ve gotten to the point that teachers, police officers, firefighters, bus drivers, and other low-paid yet very important employees can’t even afford to support themselves in some places because the cost of living is so high. So they aren’t even permitted to be happy with how they’re doing because they can’t even afford to live.

Whether all these things have to do with each other I suppose is up for debate. Seems to me there’s getting to be more and more a divide between rich and poor. The rich all being over 40 and the poor being young and taxed to death to support the over-40 rich.

So maybe that’s why I’m content with my job. Because, right now, I’m able to.

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