December 27, 2007

Don’t Make Me Over

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And now, for a cosmetic, beautifying edition of…


We’ve all seen it. In The Breakfast Club, it was the Ally Sheedy character being remedied by Molly Ringwald. Countless Disney movies have done essentially the same. It’s the desperate need in more movies than I care to count, for fear of vomiting, to make the plain girl a pretty girl, for that is the only way she can be happy or desirable.

Goodness, no, a girl can’t ever be intellectual or a tomboy. She absolutely must be empty-headed and interested only in her looks, because only then boys will like her, which is of course the raison d’ĂȘtre for any and every female.

Media stereotypes, fine. A bit of unfinished feminism there. But then it seeps into real life. And I, in the eyes of so many girls I’ve known, am the plain girl who must be saved.

I don’t wear makeup. Hate the stuff. Don’t see any point it in. I’m not a clown. Lipstick would be inadvertently licked off after five minutes anyway. Eyeliner would drive me nuts, just the thought of shit like that on my eyelashes! And same deal with that other crap. Itchy and uncomfortable and serves no purpose.

But a few times, I’ve fallen victim to “pretty” girls who are under the sad delusion that I, “like all girls”, secretly want to be beautiful like them and it’s the only way to make me truly happy. They try to make me try on their style of clothes, which I hate because, not being my style, it’s uncomfortable. Slap some gross makeup on me and take away my glasses, turning my world into a blur, and trot me out to the living room so their friends can see.

Okay, yeah, I’m talking about a specific incident now. This was my senior year of college. Roommates were my assailants. I stayed in the above state for maybe five minutes before running back into my room and changing back to how I was. Ick.

Doing me no favors! I’m fine how I am. Yes, really. I’m fine how I am. I realize all your dumb girly movies you’ve grown up on have taught you that I must be lying, that I must really yearn to be like you, but I really don’t. Get away from me. I’m not your nerdy little doll you need to cure.

And that crap about guys liking me? I don’t need makeup and slutty clothes for guys to like me. Any guy who would like me over that is not one I’m interested in. Yes, perfectly fine guys who aren’t like that do exist. I’m also sick of people trying to shame me out of my introverted ways by saying “oh, but all guys want you to look more sexual, the guy you’re talking about doesn’t exist, this is your only option!”

Nope. Not my only option. My two options are aforementioned non-shallow nice guy won over by deeper means other than “look at me, I’m revealing so much skin and have ugly colored crap all over my face” or, you know, no one! I don’t NEED a guy. Would be nice, but I’m not desperate or looking. Certainly in no need to settle.

Just because you dumb bitches have absolutely nothing else than your slutty clothes and ugly makeup to attract low-life guys who only want that thing between your legs and nothing else (because you have nothing else), doesn’t mean everyone is like that. I’m in no need to be improved. I’m just different.

And to think you idiots want to pity me over this. More like I’m the one pitying you.


  1. A Kat is fine too.

    Comment by Junulo — December 28, 2007 @ 11:48 am

  2. Haha ynam.

    Everyone, women and men (although women get the brunt of this) are supposed to “look” the right way. It’s sad that so many people don’t seem to even care about what’s underneath that.

    Comment by Adamantaimai — December 28, 2007 @ 8:48 pm

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