December 9, 2007

Slim Santa

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So I was just downstairs spending time with grandma (out of guilt since her 80th birthday dinner was this evening and I missed most of it for a NYRA board meeting) and the news was on. Yeah, that usually gives me something to gripe about. Here’s what it was this time.

A bunch of mall Santas are being made to slim down. We all know Santa Claus is supposed to be fat, but then all the “health experts” have decided to chime in and say that a fat Santa is a bad influence and glorifies poor diet.


I do very much get sick of the whole stigmatization of fat people in our society. I mean, on one hand we worry so much about self-esteem, especially when it comes to kids, yet we also go out of our way to ridicule and degrade anyone who may have a few extra pounds.

Don’t the fat kids have enough issues, especially the girls? Everywhere they look they are told that they have a problem and are sick and are ugly and nobody could love them. You know, plenty of fat people are perfectly healthy. Some aren’t even fat, just a little chunky and are built that way. It’s not always because of poor diet, you idiots!

And to actually be making a mall Santa be thin because you don’t want kids to have to see and be influenced by a “fat” role model? Are you kidding me?!

Should be encouraging people to be comfortable with their appearance and not judge others that way, not to act like someone who doesn’t get along with the bathroom scale is some kind of leper to be hidden from society. Some people are fat. They are fat for a variety of reasons. Get used to it, you shallow asswipes!

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