October 29, 2007

Tracking Devices

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I don’t feel like listing them here, but a few news articles have come out involving attaching tracking devices to kids. One such story is in Australia, where a jacket company is putting GPS trackers in their kids’ jackets. Another was an experiment in England where some students agreed to wear a tracking device for teachers to use to know where students are during school hours.

What the hell? I mean, if safety is such a concern here, why is this only being done to kids? Why not install everyone with things like this, regardless of age? Then the police can watch everybody and always know where people are. Sure, an invasion of privacy, but you need it in case someone goes missing and needs to be found, right?

Oh, wait, I forgot. No adult would agree to that. They like their privacy. They’ll then start bitching that they don’t want their countries to become such police states. These devices would be an affront to their freedom. They’d be an inconvenience. They don’t want to have to worry about it.

Tell them only kids are subjected to it.

Oh, okay then.

So, yeah, a police state is bad. A 1984-esque world is bad. Invasions of privacy are bad. Sacrificing freedom for a little security is bad.

Only for those “die-hard” beliefs to be thrown away once kids are involved, right? Sell out.

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