April 17, 2007

Shampoo Conundrum

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So I was at Target today to get some socks since I was out of clean socks and didn’t feel like doing laundry. I found some socks eventually and was going to the check out counter when I spotted the shampoo aisle and figured I might as well pick some up for when my current bottle runs out.

This didn’t used to be hard. I would just pick up a bottle of Suave and that would be it. Cheap and gets the job done. Recently, though, I began to think there must be a reason it’s so cheap. So I switched to the slightly pricier Garnier Fructis. Hair feels so much softer!

Wondering why there was a difference, I looked at the labels. Suave contains ammonium lauryl sulfate, while Garnier Fructis contains sodium lauryl sulfate. I guess the former is cheaper or something. I checked on Wikipedia to see what the differences are, but didn’t come up with much. Of course, I did just skim the pages. Whatever.

So there I was looking at the different kinds of shampoo. There was nice, cheap, less-than-a-dollar Suave. And a bunch of three dollar ones.

I remember another reason I usually go with Suave. It’s simple. All the other kinds are like normal, dry or damaged hair, oily hair, color treated hair, etc. Just reminded me of when I was twelve and I kept having hair troubles, and my mom was so sure it was dandruff or that I needed a special shampoo. Turned out that while I was doing the lathering and rinsing, I kept forgetting to do the repeat part. Then it was fine. Has been ever since.

Anyway, so there I was trying to decide if I wanted to just get another bottle of the Fructis or pick something else. Looked at Herbal Essences. About same price. I just have always hated their stupid ass sexist ads. The ones where some chick hears the word “urge” or something that sounds like it and suddenly she’s washing her hair. What the hell?

So many two-in-one bottles, with the shampoo and conditioner all in one. I don’t know. I’ve always been told to never use those. Shrug.

Looked at Pantene. Eh, I’ve used it before. Beige bottle is boring. Looked at Aussie, but it’s the same price as the others yet has the ammonium lauryl sulfate like Suave does. Not that I saw what difference that really makes, but meh. L’Oreal was too expensive. Tres Emme was too full of itself and expensive. Sunsilk seemed okay.

I eventually just got a bottle of the fucking Herbal Essence crap. It came with a free tiny bottle of conditioner anyway.

But at least I didn’t have to do the damn laundry today. I’ve got ten more pairs of socks to go before I do! 😀

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  1. One day Suave was all gone, so my mom bought Garnier Fructis. It really IS better. But sadly she still buys Suave because she’s cheap. (Not that that’s bad. I’m the cheapest girl ALIVE.) But it was nice having nice hair for once.

    Comment by Lisa — April 19, 2007 @ 10:09 pm

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