April 23, 2007

What’s the Use?

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Seriously. It is disgusting.

Here we are, NYRA, trying to make some kind of difference for young people. Youth are treated like shit in our society, and nobody cares. Hell, they want it to happen. They want it to keep happening and to a greater extent.

I know anyone who is reading this already agrees, but screw it, I’m saying it anyway. YOU are the problem! YOU are destroying the world!

April 19, 2007

Votes for Sanjaya

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No, I’m not making a hypocrite out of myself after the Don’t Watch It entry. I only even remotely know what was happening on American Idol because Grandma had it on the kitchen TV and Galen has been participating in phony voting because he does everything Howard Stern tells him.

Anyway, this isn’t really about American Idol. It’s more about voting in general, and I think the issue with this Sanjaya guy is an interesting example of a situation where one wonders just what counts as a “right vote” and a “wrong vote”. Or perhaps a “real vote” or a “fake vote”. Even if it’s a voting system for a silly reality show, it’s still a voting system.

April 17, 2007

Shampoo Conundrum

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So I was at Target today to get some socks since I was out of clean socks and didn’t feel like doing laundry. I found some socks eventually and was going to the check out counter when I spotted the shampoo aisle and figured I might as well pick some up for when my current bottle runs out.

This didn’t used to be hard. I would just pick up a bottle of Suave and that would be it. Cheap and gets the job done. Recently, though, I began to think there must be a reason it’s so cheap. So I switched to the slightly pricier Garnier Fructis. Hair feels so much softer!

April 10, 2007

I’m Not a Doctor

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I hereby decree…

I am not a doctor!

And God help us all if I were one!

Sadly, some people seem to think I am or am at least equivalent to one.

“OMG! She has a biology degree! Cure my AIDS PLZ!!!!”

🙄 😆

April 5, 2007


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4-7-07: Upgrade complete!!! Everything looks fine! Of course, let me know if you see something that is screwy that I might not have caught. Yay!!!

Just a heads up. I’m going to have to upgrade this stupid thing. So if you come by in the next couple of days and everything looks weird, then I’ve started but haven’t finished yet.

Another heads up, and this pisses me off. I discovered the theme I chose for this thing isn’t supported in the current versions! Which means things will be looking a bit different. Probably. I’ll try to see if my current theme will work anyway, but if it has problems, I’ll just find another one. I’ve seen some promising ones, so no trouble there. Nothing exactly like this one, though. Even though I’ve torn apart this one’s stylesheet so much it’s hard to remember what it even looked like originally!

So that’s the deal. Probably won’t irritate you as much as it does me. Upgrading will hopefully cut down the ever increasing volume of comment spam. Seriously, you should see the disgusting crap in these spam comments! But you don’t. Because it all goes into moderation and I delete it before it ever even thinks about occupying publicly visible pixels.

We’ll see how it goes.

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