March 12, 2007

Tattoo Taboo

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I hereby decree…

Quit the tattoo discrimination!

Personally, I would never get a tattoo. Not only am I deathly afraid of needles, but I just don’t fancy a permanent painting in my skin. Not my bag.

However! I’m sick of how society seems to view people with tattoos with such disgust. God forbid someone isn’t standing perfectly straight with perfectly short groomed hair in a perfectly pressed little grey suit.

Yeah, I said I personally would never get a tattoo, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean I think nobody should get one. And you’d better believe it doesn’t mean I in any way look down on those who do.

You get employers not hiring people because of a tattoo being visible. Like a drawing of Foghorn Leghorn on your forearm means you’re incompetent. Like a pretty little rose on your neck means you’re dangerous. Thing is, yeah, employers tend to be ridiculously critical over stupid shit like that. Fine. But why are they? For one reason, they’re afraid their idiot customers and clients might be offended that they hired a *gasp* tattooed person! And the only reason that would be a concern is the widespread prejudice of body art deviating from one earring per earlobe, and even then, girls only.

It’s just another of those things where people don’t seem to realize that just because they choose to do something or not something for themselves, it means nobody else should do it.

Along with the tattoo prejudice comes the stereotype of the tattooed always thinking they’re big bad nonconformists. While, yeah, anyone who scars their body for that reason alone is rather silly, it’s just a dumb belief that anti-tattoo people convince themselves to justify a completely ludicrous idea. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re discriminating against people for, really, what their skin looks like.

Or perhaps anti-tattoo folks are embarrassed at the presence of tattooed people and others whose look doesn’t fit the ideal. One might look at some chick with a nose ring and pink hair with disdain, but really, that person probably knows they’d be way too embarrassed to ever go out in public looking like that. It’s another situation of idiots pushing their insecurities on others.

Hell, at least with hair color prejudice, they can just wash it out. Can’t remove a tattoo. Not easily anyway.

It is just something society will need to get past. It will but very slowly. Humans are just very shallow beings sadly.

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  1. Very shallow beings. Good, you’ve caught on. 😉

    Comment by Conor — March 16, 2007 @ 12:57 pm

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