January 26, 2007

I’m Not Guilty, You’re Not Fat

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And now, for a deliciously, lipid-packed edition of…


Why do people always think they’re fat?

I get this now and then. Someone (almost invariably a girl, but guys on seldom occasions) who is not fat starts complaining that she’s fat and needs to lose weight and not eat sugar, etc. Then, of course, she sees me, and is all like “How does Katrina stay so thin? She snacks so much!”

And, of course, since this pops up in a pissy sort of “ugh, I’m so fat!” whining coming from someone for no other reason than having to wear something bigger than size eight, so I’m being led to feel guilty for this.

Usually, I just chuckle uncomfortably and mention that I walk quite a bit every day. Which I do, since it’s quite a run from my house to the bus stop, then another hike from the bus stop to my work. End of day, reverse order.

But that’s not the reason. High metabolism. That and I only eat what I like and much of what I like would fall into the category of healthy. Even so, it’s all in moderation. Not something I strive to do. Just turns out that way. My mom is quite thin, too. So is my sister. I’m also under 30. Wouldn’t be surprised if I get past 30 and am finding myself getting heavier. Happens.

It’s just another beef with this idea of how people are supposed to look. It’s another symptom of people thinking that if they aren’t as rail-thin as the anorexic beauty magazine bitches, then they are fat and unhealthy. Screw that!

This goes for girls as well as guys. Girls, it doesn’t matter how fat you are, even though chances are you are not fat, just noticing your shirt feels tight. If you are healthy, there’s no problem. I mean, if you’re obese, then yeah, do something about that. Obesity is a problem. Having a little extra meat on you is not.

Guys, you should realize that too, both about yourselves and about the girls. Pull your leering eyes out of Maxim for a bit and have a look at how real girls look and not the skanks you pleasure yourselves to. Shallow people suck and deserve the loneliness they bring onto themselves by rejecting the natural for the artificial unhealthy ideals. And you guys sure as hell have no place to complain about a girl being over weight when you aren’t exactly a friend of the scales yourself. Shallow and hypocritical. You’re a real winner. 🙄

Trouble is, everyone knows the models and actresses tend to have eating disorders. They then assume that any skinny girl who isn’t on some strict diet stays skinny only because she must have a disorder, too. Ugh. Reminds me of this time like eight or nine years ago, with my church youth group, and after we had a pretty big dinner, I went to the bathroom. Using the bathroom for the usual bathroom purposes, of course. Sure enough, when I come out, I find out that some people thought that I was bulimic. Because I used the bathroom after eating. And no one ever does that. Wow, brilliant people. :dubious:

Anyway, I’m going to stop now because I’m hungry. Got to have dinner. It’s leftover Chicken Cacciatore from the other night. Chicken smothered in a yummy tomato sauce with some rice. No, I don’t give a shit about carbs or trans fat or whatever the hell else may be wrong with my meal. No, I don’t give a shit about what’s so nutritionally right with it, either. I care that it’s delicious and I’m hungry. So I’m going to eat my dinner. You can go to hell.


  1. I weigh about 150, but that is seriously bone weight. Childhood obsession with calcium.

    I care about trans fat, and I find most unhealthy fats just yuck. Go me.

    By the way, I am shallow. I will only date someone I find attractive physically, facially, and mentally.

    Comment by Conor — January 27, 2007 @ 12:23 am

  2. That’s not shallow, dude.

    Comment by Katrina — January 27, 2007 @ 1:13 am

  3. I’ve never understood the idea that all beautiful women must look the same. I know for a fact I’m not the only man who has found many quite different-looking women very good-looking. There is no reason whatsoever that the same man (or woman, for that matter) shouldn’t think both Kate Winslet and Halle Berry are, physically speaking, beautiful.

    Nor have I been able to grasp the notion of “fat” some people seem to use. I was shocked to learn that Kirstie Alley was considered fat.

    On the other hand, I have also not been able to figure out how so many women can obsess about making their bodies sexy, obsess about dressing attractively, and then get angry when men enjoy the show they’ve put so much effort into putting on. Maybe, Katrina, you could blog about that. I and others might be enlightened.

    Obviously, there is the issue of looks crowding out other aspects of beauty, such as intellectual and spiritual. But this discussion is about the physical aspect, which is pretty clearly real, as confused as people get about the specifics.

    Comment by Alexander — February 2, 2007 @ 7:29 pm

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