January 23, 2007

Car Is a Coffin

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You know what I’m getting sick of? These idiot parents who can’t take a hint about the danger of leaving their small kids in cars. How many times do they have to be told? If you leave your baby in the parked car when it’s like 95 degrees outside, and you’re just “running in for a second” to get a pack of cigarettes, he will DIE!

I mean, it’s made very clear. You’d think people would learn, particularly when it comes to their children, whom they claim are the most important aspects in their lives. Nope. I hear it every summer. Several more reports of babies and toddlers dying because their idiot parents or other caretakers left them in a hot car. Winter, too. Reports of babies and toddlers freezing to death in parked cars.

Do you fucking morons somehow think little kids don’t feel temperature? Think that just because you can sit in the car with the windows rolled up in the middle of August and be just fine means the kids will be just fine? No, asswipe, they’re a hell of a lot smaller than you and much more vulnerable to dangerous temperature increases and decreases.

How many fucking times do you need to hear it? Leave a baby strapped in his car seat on a hundred degree day, windows rolled up, and because the car heats up VERY fast (which I’m sure you may notice in general when you get back into the car after your errand), the little one’s body temperature will shoot way up and he’ll die of hyperthermia. Your kid is not somehow immune to it. All these reports aren’t made up. It’s not something that just happens to other people in other places. It’ll happen to YOU and YOUR kid because YOU are a fucking dumbass. Need to run into a store for something quick? Take the kid with you, assface!

In fact, I’m also sick of these people getting off on merely a child endangerment or manslaughter charge. How the hell do you know they didn’t leave the kid in the car on purpose? Filicide is way more prevalent than people think. No, they get a report of another dead baby in a hot car, and the parents are crying and all like “we didn’t know, we left him for a second, how could this happen?”. And they get charged for the accidental death and all. Screw that! Charge them with first degree murder! All you have to go by is their word anyway. They say it was an accident. Might talk to people who know them to find out whether they might be the types to murder their kid (as if those people would really know one way or another, come on).

“Oh, I just wanted to run into the store real quick, and I didn’t want to wake him.” Shut the fuck up, bitch. You murdered that damn kid, even if what you say is true. Him being asleep and you not wanting to wake him does not take away the fact that you knowingly left a helpless person trapped in a deadly situation. What’s next? You also not going to take the baby out of a burning house because you don’t want to wake him up? And just tell the firefighters, as they’re carrying his charred little body out of the inferno, that you wanted to get him out but couldn’t get to him? This is the same fucking thing!

It’s telling, too. I do wonder how many of these accidental infant deaths you hear so much about were actually homicide. People don’t want to believe it, though. They don’t want to believe parents would ever harm their children. They want to believe the greatest dangers to kids are the Internet and sugary snacks.

Baby fell off the table? Why did you leave him alone on the table?

Baby drowned in the bath tub when you went to answer the phone? Who the fuck was calling you that was so important to let your kid die?

Baby just died suddenly? Find yourself a nice quack doctor who doesn’t know that obvious signs of asphyxiation are NOT symptoms of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and you’ll get off scot free. Asshole.

Okay, I’m sure at least SOME of you did not actually mean to injure or kill your kids. Prove it, though! Use your damn head. Do NOT leave your kid in a hot car! It will not kill you to have your kid come with you into the bank for a couple minutes.

Granted, if the kid is like in elementary school or something and said he wants to stay in the car for the few minutes you’re inside, fine. At least he’s not restrained in a car seat. If he isn’t feeling too great, he can unbuckle the seat belt and open the car door to get some air. Of course, that’s if you don’t have those horrible child locks enabled, which are just death traps waiting to happen. Yeah, aside from the MANY reasons there may be to get the fuck out of the car FAST, those are there to protect your children from, oh, not being trapped by you. Yeah, you remember that if you’re in an accident and the car fucking catches fire, dipshit. Then be glad the kids can’t get out. 🙄

There is NO excuse for any more kids dying in hot cars. Get the fucking message. It WILL kill them. Since you must obviously know that, I can only assume you left him to fry on purpose, in which case you deserve nothing short of spending the rest of your miserable life in prison. Think about that. Your 6-month-old is in the bath tub. The phone is ringing. You still want to go get it?


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    Comment by Darwin — January 24, 2007 @ 3:28 pm

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