December 29, 2006

Coffee Please?

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Now for a caffeinated, customer service lacking edition of…


Office Depot. They seriously suck.

So, at work, we’ve got this little single serve coffee machine with a bunch of little cups of coffee and tea that go into it. This one company supplied it for us, and, honestly, their service sucked ass. As does the coffee itself, but it’s all we’ve got. They got orders wrong. Orders got delayed. Major mess.

So then they get bought out by Office Depot.

And, if you can believe it, they are even WORSE!

I got into work today finding my supervisor in the kitchen with an OD delivery guy, looking in a box. I didn’t need an explanation. It’s happened so much before. Supervisor was pissed as all hell and the delivery guy was all apologetic. Seriously, the OD customer service doesn’t answer their fucking phone most of the time, their sales reps never return calls, and they get the orders wrong all the time.

Just last week, we ordered some paper towels. They were supposed to come with an order that arrived the next day, but they didn’t. So my supervisor calls them back to bitch at them. So they send a delivery guy the next day. What were his instructions? He was told we were RETURNING paper towels!

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

So, yeah, these people are stupid. This morning, the delivery guy told us that of all the deliveries he’d made, not ONE of them was the right order! Wasn’t his fault or the fault of the other guys. They’re just delivering what they’re told to deliver. But this company just doesn’t fucking care.

Hell, the guy even said that in the past month or so, they lost like thirty percent of their clientele. There’s a surprise. As far as the coffee stuff, even though OD went through the process to buy out the other company, they don’t give a shit about it. Delivery guy was telling us. They couldn’t care less about that division.

And that’s just stupid. They provide a service to people, one they even acquired another company to do, and they’re just like, “Well, screw you guys! We’re not interested!”

So we’re trying to use up the coffee machine cups, since we have an assload of them still, so we can switch to some other company with some other kind of machine and system. Sigh. We’ll see.


  1. Here’s a revolutionary idea: BUY A FUCKING COFFEE MAKER! :doitnow:

    Seriously, who the fuck needs a “coffee service?” Go to Sears, get a good coffee maker, and someone can make some fucking coffee! GRRR!!!

    Comment by Galen — December 30, 2006 @ 5:22 pm

  2. We have a coffee maker and don’t want to use it because the single serve service is way easier. And we all have different coffee tastes anyway, and nobody wants to clean the damn thing out everyday or worry about making it. So, your revolutionary idea has been done and cast away. 😛

    Comment by Katrina — December 30, 2006 @ 5:38 pm

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