October 30, 2006

It’s Baaaaaaack

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Science Village!!!!

Guess what’s back? Back again. SciVille’s back. Tell a friend. Guess what’s back? Guess what’s back? Guess what’s back? Guess what’s back?….

Enough ripping off Eminem for now. ;-)

After 11 months of nothing happening, Science Village has returned with the eighth issue, “Oh, My Gourd!” It’s great if you like exploding pumpkins and pissed off botanists.

Plus a Column with a bit of career advice, as well as a spooky new Crazy Lab Shenanigans!

And the ninth issue shouldn’t be too far off. Hell, I’ve already started working on it. :D

Yay for SciVille!!!!

October 27, 2006

Candy Bowl

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Two weeks ago, I decided it would be nice to have a nice big candy bowl on my desk at work. Picked up four bags of candy from grocery store, found a big bowl in the kitchen at work, and filled it with the Reese’s cups, Kit Kats, Snickers, and 3 Musketeers I had just purchased. My desk is right up front there, so it would be a nice treat for passers by. I’m just cool like that.

You know what? It went over nicely. Some remarks I got were interesting. My boss kept telling me the candy was evil (while taking one). At least three people wondered how I could sit there all day with this big ass candy bowl in front of me and not eat all of it. Others “complained” that putting that candy there was just going to make them fat.

October 24, 2006

Alex Is Back!!!!

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One and Four!

How about that! That Hungarian piece of crap finally got around to fixing his damn site. Good for him. :)

Sigh. So we have a winner. One and Four got updated sooner than Science Village. Grrr.

But Science Village has an awesome Halloween issue coming up (I hope!). So it’s coming back too. :D

October 20, 2006

Plain Text Please

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And now, for a double spacing, format-copying edition of…


Wysiwyg editors. You know, I can’t believe a word, even if just an acronym, with two W’s and two Y’s and fun as hell to say could stand for something so lame. What You See Is What You Get! Well, you know what? Maybe I don’t like what I see. I’d like to format it myself. I don’t care if you think I’m making it harder on myself. I find it easier. Grant me that.

Uh oh. Not always an option.

October 14, 2006

Jesse Hunter

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And now, for an heroic electoral session of…

Here’s to You!

So I raise my glass and say, “Here’s to you, Jesse Hunter!”

Who is Jesse Hunter? He’s a guy in Minnesota who voted in his local primary election last month. For that, he’s being charged with a felony. That’s right, folks. He’s an American citizen, and he’s possibly a felon for participating in our democracy. That’s just insane.

Oh, did I mention Jesse is 17 years old?

October 6, 2006


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The table my computer is sitting on right now is old. Very old. Been in the family for like a century at least. I’ve been using it to hold my computer for the past three years now. Been nice.

Now and then, my grandma mentions the table. She says what it’s been used for in the past. Earlier this evening was one of those times. In fact, as she informed me, in 1917 when her brother was born, the doctor set him on this table to circumcise him.

Did I REALLY need to know that?!

*looks at table*



October 5, 2006

Been Saying That All Along!

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Haven’t you people been listening to me? You know you’re supposed to listen to me because I’m right. But no. You choose to ignore me. Well, guess what. Only now are the mainstream folks catching on. Sort of. Scientific American anyway. Check this out.

That’s right. The same damn thing I said almost two years ago on Science Village. Said it a few months ago right here. And those folks are only now catching up.

God made evolution! Don’t question the work of our Lord. Don’t give me that excuse of what was written in some book a LONG time ago. If what you’re actually finding out that God created the universe via a billion year process, then that’s how He did it, asswipe.

Didn’t believe me, did you? Thought I was just a random crazy person. “Oh noes, that not right! It’s either God or evolution! You have to pick! Aaaah!!”


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