July 12, 2006

The Fifty Fifty

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It is July 12.

Tonight at midnight is the famed halfway point of the 100 Days of Summer.

High noon. Halfway there. The peak. Fifty days gone, fifty to go.

Now, looking forward, the downward run. Down, down, down, until at last it is August 31.

Well, since I’m not in school anymore, it has lost a bit of its mystique, but meh. Tradition is a tradition, it’s cool on its own by now. So let’s just say counting down to the second anniversary of Science Village, on September 1. Remember Science Village? Shit, I have to get on that. Oh, well.

Midnight tonight, fifty days to go.

Oh, and if my great-grandfather were alive, he would turn 120 today. Hehehe. It’s also the birthday of a friend of mine from college. Haven’t seen him since then, but he turns 26 today. Happy Birthday, man!

This has been Day 50 of the 100 Days of Summer, Round 6.

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