March 27, 2006

Gross, Dude!

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I don’t do drugs. Let me just mention that right off the bat. I don’t need to do drugs. I’m quite loopy on my own under the influence of, well, nothing. However, I’m not about to condemn people who do. Well, the harmless ones like marijuana anyway. People who shoot up heroin and snort cocaine or whatever are just plain stupid.

March 25, 2006

Or, as I call it, Exploitation Theatre

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And now, yet another intrusive, chuckles-at-others’-expense round of…


I grant this to the abomination that has plagued television screens for a long time now, and seeing as television screens bear a lot of abominations as it is, this is saying something. This one in particular bears an ironic name. It is called… America’s Funniest Videos.

March 24, 2006

What’s the Point?

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Why do so many blogs have “Recent Posts” on their sidebars? It’s redundant. In like every case, every one of the posts in that list is right there on the blog mainpage still. Just uses up sidebar space that could be better used for something else. Want to know recent posts? Oh, I don’t know. Scroll down perhaps? 🙄

What? That’s it. If you wanted a longer rant, tough shit, dumbass.

March 23, 2006


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A couple of days ago, we were sort of expecting snow. Cool. Go read my Snow Rules rant to know more about how I feel about that.

Anyway, I should perhaps have reread the rant myself, as every year I am actually surprised at how the media react to even the remote possibility of snow. Even if the situation is like it was in this case. We had just gotten out of a week of 80 degree weather. On the day in question, the temperature was not supposed to drop below 35. Yet, the news had this to say.

“People are rushing out to the stores to get milk, bread, and toilet paper!”

March 19, 2006

Taxing Tax Thought

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People don’t like taxes. Taxes are necessary, though. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff various people will tell you our tax dollars should not be spent on. Whatever. Locally, we need taxes to fund police, fire department, roads, schools, hospitals, libraries, and a whole myriad of other stuff we’re quite glad to have and wouldn’t want to do without.

March 18, 2006

I Win, Best Time Too

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Awesome. Playing my normal Minesweeper game today. Won it! Don’t win this one that often. My custom field. Same dimensions as Expert, but with 41 more mines.

Click to see! (Opens new window. Damn thing was too wide and knocked off my sidebar items, ugh.)

Height: 16
Width: 30
Mines: 140

That’s by far my best time on it, too. I usually finish it up over 200. 😀

Would have been sweeter if there were Sevens or Eights. Meh. Some other time, perhaps. 😎

March 16, 2006

Samurai Sudoku

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Holy fuck! Look at this thing. And I thought Sudoku was nuts (and deliciously addicting!). Yet I open up the Comics 2 section of the Sunday Washington Post, and there’s this big-ass Sudoku grid. Not the normal nine by nine. There’s a nine by nine in the middle, and the three by three grids in the four corners are each corner three by three grids of another nine by nine! It’s five Sudoku nine by nine grids in a crazy looking numerical four-leaf clover. Wow, dude.

*takes out pencil*

Let’s rock! 😀

(This post brought to you by “oh, shit, so many days have gone by and I haven’t made another post yet”.)

March 13, 2006

Uh oh! The CSS Patrol!

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Scroll down to the entry called “I’m Not Deprecated! You’re Deprecated!” and check out the comments. Or just click here if you’re just that lazy. Or if you’re reading this like a while from now and you’d have to actually find the entry. Whatever.

March 11, 2006

I’m Pregnant

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There I was checking out what search phrases hit Science Village when I happen upon a link that says “Are You Pregnant? Take our Quiz to find out!” Hmmm. Good question. If I’m pregnant, I’d sure like to know about it! So I took the quiz.

March 10, 2006

Now I Know You All Hate Eggplant

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The pilot episode of Family Guy was on the other night on Cartoon Network. Lois brought out dinner to the table and said “I know you all hate eggplant…” (cut off when Stewie fired a laser at her that just barely missed, hehehe) as she was serving it. And it got me thinking. If the entire family hates eggplant, why the hell is she making it?

March 9, 2006

World Trade Center

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I hereby decree…

They should rebuild the Twin Towers! Bigger ones! Better ones! Ones that don’t fall down when planes hit them!

Seriously, none of this “Freedom Tower” bullshit. It’d be WAY more patriotic to just rebuild the towers as they were (or bigger and better and resistant to planes, as decreed, hehe). Why? Because, otherwise, we’re letting the terrorists know they’ve succeeded in defacing our largest city. They destroyed a landmark. Yet it won’t just be rebuilt. They’re building something else entirely. Just a slap in the face that this something else has the intention of promoting patriotism, when its very existence will be an insult. Here’s how it should be:

World Trade Center: In Loving Memory of the old World Trade Center destroyed on September 11, 2001.

Basically saying to the terrorists “Whatever, bitch, we’ll just rebuild them. Did you really think that would scare us?”

Is that so fucking hard? Meh. Apparently so.

March 5, 2006


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What’s the difference between Budapest and a Nazi all-male brothel?


Budapest is full of Hungarians while the brothel is full of hung Aryans.

😀 :cute:

March 1, 2006

Ash Wednesday

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Alright, fellow children of God (hehe, I can’t say that with a straight face!). Listen up. It is now Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. The long 40-day haul of sacrificing some aspect of life out of some token respect for Jesus has begun. You can have whatever it is back on Sundays, and may have it back completely after Good Friday. Jesus suffered and died on the Cross for your sorry, sinful asses. Surely you can give up one measly item or activity. And, hey, it’s only for six straight days, then you can have it back Sunday, then go the six days again. Not that hard.

Gave up coffee? Leave the pot off until Sunday morning. Gave up smoking? Get some lollipops for Monday through Saturday? Gave up sex? Quit shivering, you can still fuck on Sunday.

Just don’t be stupid and give up something you need or something that giving it up screws over other people. I mean, don’t go giving up leaving the house and wondering why you lost your fucking job. Pick something else. Or if you’re a firefighter and you gave up using helmets and asbestos gloves and shit. That’s just suicide. Last I checked, suicide is a sin. One you die with. At least it should be. It’s kind of cheating if you think about it.

So that’s the gist of Lent. Don’t screw it up.

Oh, and don’t forget that Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are meatless. Fish is okay, though. They are probably also a fasting days, but meh. Whatever. Just don’t let me catch you eating a fucking hamburger today, dipshit.

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