January 31, 2006


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I was just thinking.

There’s a constellation called Cancer. It is the Crab. Cancer is also, because of the constellation, a zodiac sign for the late June and early July folks. Their sign is the Crab.

Cancer is also a disease! Interestingly enough, there is even another totally different disease colloquially called “crabs”.

Think about it!

January 30, 2006

You Can Cast Spells While Listening To Your iPod!

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Well, that’s about the only explanation I can give. Because it seems every time you see some picture of someone listening to an MP3 player, he or she is in this very intense, wizard-like pose. You know the one. Knees bent. Feet apart. One arm flexed with the fingers tightened at about ear-height. The other arm is stretched, palm out, fingers apart.

January 28, 2006

Those Crazy Eights!

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Ah, it’s a lovely treat. Since I’ve swept the Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert ranks so nicely, I’ve migrated to a Custom field. My choice Custom field? Same dimensions as the Expert field but with 140 mines rather than 99.

Why do I play Minesweeper? I play it not for the high scores, although they’re a nice bonus here and there. I play for the numbers. Ones, Twos, and Threes are common. Fours, too. Fives show up here and there as a reminder of just how easily you could lose. After all, at that point there’s more mines around than not. Six! Uh oh. But then we get to the more elusive top numbers, those not so common (so long as you’re not in the Custom 435, where they are pretty much the only non-mine squares).

January 26, 2006

Oh, You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

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Hamas won?! Are you fucking serious?

Look at this shit! (Washington Post. Free registration required.)

There I was at work yesterday, and in the lab they’ve got NPR on all day, which sucks because I was basically hearing the same three news stories over and over and over. What did I hear? Exit polls say Fatah will win over Hamas. Good. Hamas is a bunch of suicide bomb happy morons.

January 24, 2006

Males Owns

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Here. Read this. It’s an LA Times article.

(And when/if that link goes bad, I’ve mirrored it here.)

Should I bother saying that Mike Males kicks all kinds of ass, or is that a given?

I’d so love to get a hold of one of his or other pro-youth books out there. I could use the youth rights ammo! I could use the caulk to patch holes in my arguments.

But, well, getting back to the matter at hand, let’s have a look at the aforementioned article.

January 20, 2006

London Underground!

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No, you don’t get much of a message from me, just click the link and enjoy!

London Underground



January 18, 2006


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I spent the last couple of days helping my employer pack stuff up for their move to a new office. Not that far away. Just four floors up from where they were before. But, as my odd jobs often do, it got me thinking about all kinds of crap. About moving, of course. Well, I thought about other stuff too, but that stuff is none of your damn business. 😛

January 16, 2006

Quick! I Gotta Pick a Major!

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Hmmm. I never would have guessed. 😉

You scored as Biology. You should be a Biology major! You are passionate about the sciences, and you enjoy studying cell growth and evolutionary concepts which enable living organisms to survive. Pursue that!





























Ah, well, now that that’s done, I’ll just pull out my trusty college transcripts and see how they match up. Well, what do you know! Biology major and chemistry minor!

January 14, 2006


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Washington 10
Seattle 20

Fuck you, Seahawks. I hope you choke.

Fuck you, Redskins. Get some fucking offense. Please.

Meh. Who cares? We beat Dallas.


Until August, then. Redskins? I love you even though you always disappoint me. Seahawks? I’ll hate you until I feel like hating something else. Cowboys? I hate you, always have, always will, please die.

Thank you.

Now I’ll just return to taking out my anger on the NYRA forums.

January 13, 2006


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I hereby decree….

All music CDs must come with the complete and legible lyrics to every song on the disc.

Because, damn it, I’m so sick of finding CDs that don’t come with them.

It’s like, I buy a new CD. I play it. Good stuff! Now maybe I can finally find out what the hell the singer is actually saying in that great song! Oh, no! I take out the cover slip from the jewel case to find… no lyrics! Instead, I often find some pictures of the band or some nonsense phrases written in it (which aren’t in any of the songs), or maybe just copyright info and acknowledgements. Yes, because I really give a shit that the bassist would like to thank his parents for his success.

January 8, 2006

Simpsons Nouveaux

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And now, for a cruel yet crunchily satisfying bout of…


So, looking at the title of this post, what do you think I’m giving this YOU SUCK message to now? Recent Simpsons episodes? Am I going to piss and moan that tonight’s episode got little more than a chuckle out of me and that I wish the show was more like it was in its 5th season? WRONG!!! That’s wrong, dumbass. In fact, the ones receiving this special YOU SUCK award are the very people who do bitch about newer Simpsons episodes constantly. So, all of you, please, shut the hell up!

January 7, 2006

To Our Brave Heroes

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And we have yet another wondrous session of….

Here’s To You!

So I raise my glass and say: “Here’s to you, Alex, Chris, Rich, Jim, and Jason!”

On January 6, our hallowed NYRA website was ever so brutally hacked, causing an assload of malicious script in our sacred php files. Oh, it was awful. The precious forums had to go down as well as our merch store.

So it is for this I praise Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Chris Batchelor, Rich Jahn, Jason Kende, Jim Pleger, and whoever else may be involved in saving the beloved house of worship of the youth rights movement.

To the KPalicz and the Galen and the nostromo and the Yasha and the genmud… HERE’S TO YOU! *drinks*

January 6, 2006

All I Wanted Was a Snack, Not More Ageist Piece of Crap!

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Okay, I have had it with the local news. Sure, there’s lots of crap about the local news that’s worth a bitch here and there. It comes with the territory. Bias. And, um, bias. Let’s see, there’s also… bias. Oh, don’t forget bias. Bias, too! Last but not least…. bias!

Perhaps I should be more specific. As many of my complaints tend to involve, this is about youth. The local news is just yet another public outlet that shits all over youth without a care. And the worst part about it is that in doing so, they’re inviting every one of their brainless viewers to carelessly shit all over youth as well. It’s on the news! It must be true. But let’s continue.

January 4, 2006

Route 55: Rockville Station to ???

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Since I have no car, I have to ride the bus to work every morning. Pretty decent county-wide bus, although I hate how it takes me like an hour and a half to get to work when the ride would be at the most five to ten minutes if I were driving there myself. But, beside the point.

I tend to be a bit tired in the morning. Sometimes when taking the Ride On 55 north to work I would drift off for a couple of seconds. One day, I was asleep for a full several minutes. I woke up well before I needed to get off, so there was no problem. So, when I got to work, I mentioned at lunch time to my coworkers that I had fallen asleep on bus that morning. I said the same when I got home that evening to my grandmother.

Teen Driving Fallacies

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(I wrote this up for the NYRA Blog. Enjoy!)

It’s been nearly 13 months since Alex KP, Dave Varney, Alexis Grant, Rio Samsie, and I went to this “Town Hall” meeting at Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School. The subject was a favorite of those with political power: teen driving. Although, I suppose anything related to teens is a favorite of politicians: just take more rights away from them in the name of protection, and they’ll sweep in the votes of mindless, worried parents. But, that’s a bit beside the point… or is it? Come to think of it, isn’t that the very problem? That we allow ridiculous fallacious arguments from those who are supposed to be in charge to sway the opinions of the general public? While I could go just about any direction with this, let’s stick to this town hall meeting itself.

January 3, 2006

The Laser Pointer

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It’s time for a Sure, Why Not? session of….

Here’s to You!

So I lift my glass and say, “Here’s to you, laser pointer.”

Ah, yes, the simple laser pointer. Concentrated beam of red light that can mean hours upon hours of good fun. While presents itself as a dangerous object with such horrible radiation emitting from it (the wavelength on mine is 630 to 680 nm, which is red visible light, dumbasses!) and always contains warnings that it should never be shined in the eyes and that it is not a toy…. fuck that, it’s a toy! Why do you think I bought it? Some professional usage?


January 1, 2006

Hail to the Redskins!!!

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Redskins! Redskins! Redskins! Redskins! Redskins!

Washington Redskins are going to the playoffs! Lead ’em on, Gibbs! Lead ’em to victory!

And just so we’re clear, let’s get a few things straight. The Washington Redskins are the best team in the NFL. Even when they suck (which they often do) they’re still the greatest football team ever.

The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, are the worst team in the NFL, even when they are doing great, they still fucking suck and need to just die. They are the bad guys. They must always be defeated. I hope the Rams butt them into oblivion tonight. As my father taught me to say to my uncle when I was 3 years old: “Dallas sucks!”

They suck so much that I shall rant about them in more depth later on.

Anyway, to review. If you like the Washington Redskins, you rule and are an awesome person. If you like the Dallas Cowboys, you’re a worthless sack of shit. Plain and simple.

Oh, and Happy New Year everybody!

Tiny Blogs

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for a special Sure, Why Not? session of….


Today’s recipient of this message of suckiness are people who have, create, or are somehow or another involved in those tiny blogs you see sometimes. Blogs in general have a wide, vast range of stupid shit worth bitching about, and I kind of hate to kick off the Fortress’s YOU SUCK sessions with something so common, but I don’t really care right now. Anyway, on with it.

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